Legal Services are essential for any company in today’s business-driven environment, and having professional and efficient lawyers situated in Malta can be very beneficial to any company. Apart from being cost-effective and able to perform at a swifter pace than regional lawyers, lawyers in Malta enjoy all the same powers as European lawyers.

Calleja & Associates Advocates are your Maltese link. We are there to give you personal and undivided attention to any problem that you, or your organisation, may be facing. It is therefore important to understand the importance in having a lawyer that will devote all the time that is necessary to deal with your difficulties, to effectively understand the core of the problem and provide realistic cost-effective solutions.

There is no business today that does not require legal advice and guidance in practically every venture it pursues. At Calleja & Associates Advocates, we are geared to provide exactly that from our lawyers' offices in the centre of Valletta, the capital of Malta. Having personalised attention and a dedicated lawyer not only saves times but also ensures that your legal counsel can effectively provide a safe roadmap to navigate the choppy waters of the legal world.

If you are a European business or a company interested in doing business in Europe, then Calleja & Associates Advocates is the complete and holistic solution to your legal questions and difficulties.


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Tax Compliance

Tax compliance has become increasingly complex in today’s economic environment, with constantly changing assurance, regulatory and tax compliance requirements. A lawyer with a background in the Maltese jurisdiction as well as the European jurisdiction has become essential for any...

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Calleja & Associates have a wealth of experience and proven track record in achieving outstanding results for our clients, be the matter civil, criminal, or commercial litigation.   Our Malta litigation department can be the difference between resolving your problem and not...

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Debt Recovery

Calleja & Associates are able to offer the most effective protection of creditors’ rights and to take all individual acts necessary to maximize the recovered amount of trade debts, consumer debts, and debts due from debtors in execution or insolvency proceedings. With a...

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