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Have you decided to relocate to a high value opportunity laden country like Malta? Are you seeking to bring your family over to join you and share the opportunities that this beautiful and historic nation has to offer? Have you decided on taking the plunge to look for adventure in a far-flung place?

You can find your future, establish a career, learn new skills and get the education that you’ve always dreamed of here in Malta. If you’re ready to do the work, be a responsible and law-abiding resident, pay your taxes and social contributions then you could also be placing your-self on the path to citizenship and a decent pension as well. You’re quite spoilt for choice as literally thousands of opportunities exist across all economic sectors: hospitality, medical and health, finance, public sector, administration, construction, real-estate…the list is quite endless really.

On the other hand, perhaps in your golden years, you’d now want to retire – have that well-deserved rest you’ve always talked about. Maybe take a couple of steps back, enjoy nights out in a safe and secure environment, walk the beaches and dine out year-round thanks to our mild temperate climate, sunny weather and gorgeous beaches. All this whilst getting the best that health care has to offer in our state-of-the art general hospital or any of the leading clinics dotting the island.

Calleja & Associates can help you achieve all of this and more. As an Authorised Registered Mandatory (ARM), we are qualified to provide first rate leading professional advice to assist in the delicate and critical processes of relocating to Malta, whatever your final objective. Our dedicated and specialised immigration wing, manned by a team of associate specialists, that include immigration law experts and litigators, international tax advisors and process administrators, will assist and guide you towards the best programme or scheme to suit your needs. This will contribute to increasing your application’s chances of acceptance by several orders of magnitude, one giant leap forward in making your ultimate goal become a reality.

So, if you think Malta is the place for you to move to, give us a call or enquire now for a consultation on any of the numbers or email address appearing on our website.