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Following the introduction of a new home renting law at the beginning of this year, Calleja & Associates Advocates has launched a new service. We can now guarantee that you can lease your property in line with the new laws within minutes. All you have to do is ask us to send you our standard form which is super easy to fill. Just follow the instructions, fill out all the necessary details, upload all the documents that we ask you to and for very convenient price we guarantee that you’ll have your contract within minutes. Yes, minutes!

We’ll even send it to you in a format that will allow electronic signature at no extra charge. And that’s not all. We can also customise your contract just in case you need some special conditions and we can even register it for you with the Housing Authority so that you don’t have to. All of this will be done for you at a very modest fee. So, write us an email or contact us on our landline or mobile and we’ll get back to you right away.

The letting and hiring of property in Malta has been a contentious area of legal practice for a very long time. The rent laws are extremely complicated and deciding which law applies to a one particular rental agreement depends on a host of factors – whether it’s an urban or rural tenement, if it’s residential or commercial, the year in which the lease agreement was drawn up – if it ever was, that is. Apart from all of this rent laws are continually being revised as a consequence of some judgements delivered by the European Court of Human Rights where, as a result of the prevailing laws, the State of Malta was found to have breached the rights of property owners. So whether you’re a property owner seeking to lease out your property in the current lucrative market or you’re a prospective tenant wanting to rent decent premises to set up your business or family home at a fair price, you’re going to want to put your signature on the dotted line only if you’re secure in the knowledge that your rights and obligations will be respected.