And not a moment too soon. A trade deal that hit a brick wall so hard that made the Canadian government throw it’s proverbial arms up in exasperation announcing the end of trade deal talks with the EU that had been going on for about a decade was rescued at the eleventh hour by ratification from the Belgian parliament. Not that the Wallons got it all wrong either and nor were they being spoilt brats either. Thanks to them, the environmental and labour concerns they had been protesting about, have been addressed and included in addenda to CETA, as it is otherwise known. The trade deal does away with all but 1% of trade tariffs and will, reputedly, increase trade by a significant €10.9 billion.

The deal is not without it’s critics of course, and we will be sure to add some of our grist to the mill somewhere down the line. Nevertheless for a concise and balanced view on CETA read more here