Malta’s strategic position has played a vital role in shaping its history throughout the centuries making it an island which today, continues to offer competitive and attractive incentives to owners and charterers of commercial vessels and pleasure yachts. Furthermore, it offers a solid legal framework which provides vessel financers with a considerable amount of security.

Calleja and Associates Advocates advise and represent clients in matters dealing with ship registration.
Our firm is in a position to provide advice to ship-owners, managers of ships, charterers and other professionals, engaged in shipping and related business, in particular when it comes to issues of ship registration, be it registration of ships under the Maltese flag or the registration of ships under flags of other jurisdictions.

This entails providing legal assistance as to the choice of flag and making sure that the necessary requirements for successful registration are met with.

In addition, our firm also deals with the deletion of vessels under the Maltese flag or other foreign flags.

In particular, we attend to searches of Malta-registered vessels and ship-owning companies.