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With the Maltese gaming sector growing to becoming one of the most developed industries in the country, with many laws and structures in place for businesses to take advantage off, it has never been more important to have an informed law firm to guide you through the network of laws. Malta has…

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Blockchain technology has now received official legal recognition within the Maltese jurisdiction and Calleja & Associates Advocates are well placed to becoming one of the leading edge advisors and specialised legal counsel in Virtual Financial Asset regulation, placement and setup the certification of innovative…

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Malta’s real estate sector has developed into a profitable industry for both local and foreign property owners. With strong financial returns and a varied selection of properties to suit all ventures and budgets, the property sector offers many opportunities for investment and growth, both.

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From farm to table, every stage of the production and distribution cycle involves regulations that can intersect with business strategy. To help you avoid risk and take advantage of beneficial opportunities, Calleja & Associates Advocates practical advice and experienced background will guide…

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Malta’s strategic position has played a vital role in shaping its history throughout the centuries making it an island which today, continues to offer competitive and attractive incentives to owners and charterers of commercial vessels and pleasure yachts. Furthermore, it offers a solid…

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Company Formation is an essential step towards creating your successful company. Calleja & Associates have been part of the formation of many national and international companies and continue to follow the highest standards in this process. Calleja & Associates Advocates provide all services…

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Tax compliance has become increasingly complex in today’s economic environment, with constantly changing assurance, regulatory and tax compliance requirements. A lawyer with a background in the Maltese jurisdiction as well as the European jurisdiction has become essential for any…

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Calleja & Associates Advocates have a wealth of experience and proven track record in achieving outstanding results for our clients, be the matter civil, criminal, or commercial litigation.   Our Malta litigation department can be the difference between resolving your problem and not….

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Calleja & Associates Advocates are able to offer the most effective protection of creditors’ rights and to take all individual acts necessary to maximize the recovered amount of trade debts, consumer debts, and debts due from debtors in execution or insolvency proceedings. With a…

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