Calleja & Associates Advocates have a wealth of experience and proven track record in achieving outstanding results for our clients, be the matter civil, criminal, or commercial litigation.

Our Malta litigation department can be the difference between resolving your problem and not. If and when any disputes occur we will seek to resolve them swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively, with a minimum of disruption. We will negotiate settlements in your best interest, and consider with you the merits and pitfalls of each case before advancing.

We believe that court action is a last resort, but if it serves the client in their best interest then we will proceed with strength and determination after discussing the chances of success, the estimated time length, and all possible outcomes with the client. Calleja & Associates Advocates involves itself in disputes concerning the transfer of movable and immovable property, lease, emphyteusis, servitudes and other ancillary property rights.

When it comes to commercial matters we litigate in the following areas: bankruptcy, taxation, intellectual property. We are also involved in Family Law issues such as Legal separation, conversion of matrimonial regimes, marital annulment, filiation and adoption.