With the Maltese gaming sector growing to become one of the most developed industries in the country, with many laws and structures in place for businesses to take advantage off, it has never been more important to have an informed law firm to guide you through the network of laws. Malta has one of the most flexible and extensive legal frameworks on gaming in Europe and is constantly undergoing change so a local surrogate who is up to date with the most recent changes is a must.

All gaming operations in Malta are supervised by the Malta Gaming Authority, an authority that Calleja & Associates Advocates is fully acquainted with, having worked successfully within their frameworks for years. All forms of gaming in Malta, be it remote betting, lotteries, in casinos or via machines, are subject to strict legal guidelines, creating a safe and profitable environment both for current gamers as well as businesses looking to enter the gaming industry, and Calleja & Associates Advocates can provide you with the most beneficial routes through this environment for your company.