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Based on the island of Malta and part of the European Union, Calleja & Associates Advocates is a conglomerate of legal and financial experts who are specialised in working with both domestic and international enterprises, as well as individuals, that require sound and practical legal advice in the areas of civil and commercial law.

The law firm strives to provide commercially sound objective jurisdictional guidance based on in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment for international trade and all aspects of commercial activity. Operating in Malta serves a dual purpose - companies are hosted within a beneficial EU legislative framework and simultaneously benefit from numerous domestic incentives in tax relief and many industrial amenities and facilities.

While adopting a general policy in the areas of international and domestic trade, through our experience we understand that it can be beneficial to deliver our services on an ad-hoc basis. The advantages of having a tailor-made legal and regulatory counsel cannot be underlined.

Our services range from providing comprehensive legal assistance in the most popular areas of business law, such as copyright and media law, competition law, corporate law, real estate, construction and land law, representation and litigation in the Courts of Justice, industrial property law, commercial and contract law, securities and financial institutions, tax and family law. Ultimately, our core objectives are to inspire trust through leadership in our profession, to deliver results for our clients, to achieve success in our business.


Our Story

With an extensive successful history and a determination to minimize risks and take advantage of opportunities for our clients, Calleja & Associates has partnered with a number of professionals, both In Malta and abroad, in various areas and disciplines, namely architects, notaries, accountants and management consultants, all of whom are directed to providing the highest standard of professionalism and excellence for your company. In order to satisfy the broad range of requirements to fulfill the needs of our clients, Calleja & Associates are constantly monitoring the national and international regulatory standards to ensure compliance and growth at all times.

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